Lisa                                                                                                 Office Administrator


If you hear laughing in the office there is a good chance Lisa is nearby. She truly has the ability to find humor in any situation. Lisa is the devoted mother of two very hungry teenage boys. She and her husband spend most weekends cheering at their son's hockey or baseball games. Lisa was born, raised and still lives in East Norriton, vacations annually in Ocean City, NJ but dreams some day of visiting Hawaii or Italy.

Michelle                                                                                      Office Administrator


Michelle is Lisa's sidekick and can be found laughing at her jokes while helping with patients. Since her favorite food is pasta and is a self declared wine enthusiast, is it any wonder that her dream vacation would be a return trip to Italy, this time for a wine tasting excursion in Tuscany? Michelle has three crazy siblings, three great kids and three awesome grandkids. In her free time she likes to read, cook, travel and laugh. "And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make."                               


Emily                                                                  Dental Assistant/Office Administrator


Emily believes that "Sunshine is the best medicine" and her calm demeanor and caring smile always makes her patients and co-workers happy that she's near. In her free time she loves to be outside with her friends and family. Emily is more that a casual fan of most sports, her favorite being the Eagles. She has the uncanny ability to pick the winner of any sporting event or bracket. Emily is also gifted with the magic touch. Anything that breaks she manages to fix and we can't figure out how.

Erin                                                                      Dental Assistant/Office Administrator


One of Erin's favorite parts of her job is getting to meet new people, which is no surprise because she is one of the friendliest people you could meet. A perfect afternoon for Erin would be sitting back with her dog, watching the Eagle's game with a plate of Mozzarella Sticks and a glass of Iced Tea. Her secret superpower? She can predict the exact amount of filling material to set out even taking into account how much Dr. Fournier will drop.

Christine                                                       Dental Hygienist/Golden Scaler Recipient

                                                                       Harcum Class of 2008

Having your teeth cleaned by Christine is a very peaceful experience. to say she is gentle does not quite do her skills justice; patients have fallen asleep in her chair! When Christine isn't hard at work she likes to cook (and eat simultaneously), exercise, garden, catch a Phillies or Eagles game and practice self defense. Yes, little Christine packs quite a punch, she can even break a board with her bare hands. She doesn't have a vanity plate on her car, but "Boss of Floss" would suit her just fine.

Ashley                                                             Dental Hygienist/Golden Scaler Recipient

                                                                         Fortis Institute Class of 2014


Ashley may be mistaken for Princess Elsa but no Disney princess has ever been such a qualified dental hygienist. A perfect afternoon for Ashley would find her in Cape Cod, Massachusetts snacking away on some seafood and sipping a glass of wine (through a straw to reduce staining her pearly white smile.) In her free time Ashley loves to run which comes in handy since her secret superpower is competitive eating!